Seoul wine expo-KWC

“Dom Cosme Reserva along with Passion4Wine are now well-known because it was selected as the best wine from Portugal in Korea Wine Challenge. P4W is a wine agency created late 2012 by 3 friends who have the same philosphy which is to advertise the greatness of portuguese wines in the world. Until now P4W did not have a fair chance due to isolated portuguese wine’s situation in the market but recently P4W’s huge effort have made it possible to re-consider the high quality of wines from portugal. P4W is presenting wines from 5 producers who are all small or medium sized and focusing on quality. Being one of these 5 is(Abreu Callado) the producer of Dom Cosme. One of 3 founders of P4W, Ana Miranda has had a long relationship with Korea and lived in Korea for 3 years before moving to Malaysia. Due to her life experience, she is now trying hard to extend portuguese wine market based on Korean market to other Asian countries such as Malaisia, Japan Vietnam etc. Ana Miranda congratulates to have a good partner called Winell for AC wines after Dom Cosme got trophy in KWC and plan to present other wines from 3 other producers who P4W has a partnershipwith for KWC this year.”




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